Story Developing

My process of the story developing:

bring up an idea – bubble dog

think about what I want to convey to the audience – childhood, friendship, hope, cannot go back to childhood after growing up

How can I put these feelings into the story – rule of three

building the story

The lesson I’ve learned is that do not bring your story to everyone and ask for advice. Too much advice can be troublesome and may lead you to the wrong direction. Be clear about who is the one you can ask for and ask that person. It is impossible that you can discuss your script with anyone because people from different background usually have different thoughts in life. Find someone you trust and for you easy to talk to.

Listening to others advice, respect others opinions. But make sure you are also committed to the script and opinion. In the brainstorming process, you can try everyone’s idea. However, as the story has well-shaped, you must have a clear eye of which idea works and which not.

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