Film Marathon 02 – Box Office

In the cinema, you can see very clear that which age or gender is the main audience for this film. Some Disney films labels “Family” and the audience are mostly parents bringing their kids to the cinema. The adults watch it because they want to spend some family time with their kids. However, the film Zootopia which has great box office result attracts adults to watch without kids.

Taking a look at the worldwide box office of recent Disney animated films.

Frozen     $127 Billion

Incredibles 2  $123.7 Billion

Zootopia $102 Billion

Coco $80 Billion

Moana $63 Billion

The Incredibles $61 Billion

It is very interesting to look at these figures. The Incredibles 2’s box office is twice as much as the first incredible film. Why? Is it because it’s twice as good as the first one? On IMDB the first one’s rate is 8/10, the second one is 7.9/10. You may say time changes in these 14 years and it involves in economic growth. But The Lion King which is a 1994 film, the box office is $98.6 Billion. Interesting, eh?

The success of the Frozen and Zootopia, because of the target audience has contained as wide as possible. Both of these two films discussed feminist which is the hot topic in the society, it leads empathy toward many people.

It is quite fun to take a look at the box office and see these figures meaning. After all, everything has a price.


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