Film Marathon 01

Films I have watched recently:

The Smallfoot


The Nutcracker

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

Johnny English Strikes Again

I like to spend one afternoon in the cinema and watch two films, doing a film marathon. I get values from a couple of ways by doing this.

Firstly the latest films offer me a sense of what is in trend. The “in trend” is not only refer to the technology and CGI but is also referred to the story developing and other details even for sound effects.

Taking Harry Potter, for example, the sound effects start to develop since the third one. It adds detail to the sound effects for each spell which makes the film more vivid. And the sound effects are still developing in the latest Fantastic Beasts film.

Secondly, in the cinema, it is clear to observe the audience reaction and target audience.


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