Film Reference

Colour Palette.

By choosing the colour palette, the main things I’m using is this book ‘The Colour of Pixar’. It is a book containing all Pixar  feature films colour scripts.

Firstly I thought through the similarity of these films with my film and finding some keywords in my work, like “fairytale” “imaginary friends”.

The most suitable films would be UP and Monster Inc. Then I look through scenes I need. It would have playground scene, house, waterside. And trying to find similar scene in these films.

As for the script and story development.

I have a look through of these two films.

Because we need to work on the graduation film by ourselves. I tried to simplify the design.

Here is the first draft of the style design I made. The 



Graduation Film Reference

I had this idea when I was reading the pictoplasma book. It contains so many artists in there. After the first time I read through it in half an hour, I close the book and start to think which character leaves me a deep impression and why. I want to work on a character which is easily for audience to remember.

The design of the dog is based on Jeff Koons Bubble Dog which is currently the most expensive modern art. I’ve been always interested in the ark marketing, especially for the modern art market. It is hard to draw a standard for the modern art. What is good or bad? What’s the standard? Why Jeff Koons art works can have such a high price?

The design of Jeff Koons art is very simple and eye catching. And it is one of the reason why it’s so popular. It can make the audience remember the art easily.


Graduation Film Idea

A little  girl became friends with a giant bubble dog. Will they still remain friends after the girl grew up?

The story is based upon my own dog, who has been stayed with me for 12 years. When I was little and went to high school, my grandpa said “I won’t like him the same as I was a kid.” I didn’t’t understand at that time, to be honest. And I always questioning the statement and keeps proving that my grandpa is wrong.

However, maybe his right. There are things I couldn’t decide. I still remember when I was 10, my dog was my whole life. As I grow up into adults, for instance, I need to study abroad and I’ve been studing abroad for almost six years

It is also a sort of imaginary friend story. That is quiet common for our single-child maybe. I do have a little bit loneliness when I grow up and my dog helped a lot. She’s a small dog which is 12 years old now. When my grandparents lived in the countryside before, they also had a Tibetan Mastiff, which is a big Chinese shepherd dog. I remember when I was little, it was more like that big dog taking care of me. But I do feel sorry for my dog when I went to college and had to give her to my grandparents. And I found dog can also have complicated emotion which makes me feel more guilty about it…