Diary 03

I feel so much pressure by seeing those second years graduate. I also went to watch the last performance those theater peers did. So impressive. It will be impossible to see those talented artist have another show together again. I got sentimental for those graduates. Make me worry about myself. Every time when I see them, I start to wonder what will happen when I graduate. Time does fly. Next term starts in October, first comes ENO, then graduation film, super tight schedule. ┬áThen what should I do after that???? I literally have no plan in my life. I’ll be 24 by then!!!!!! When I first come abroad to study, I was just 18. Jesus! Where did these six years go?

I don’t even know if I should stay abroad, like the UK or America, going back to China is also a good choice. However, by thinking of going back to China after all these years I’ve been away there, it’s also quite weird. I know nothing about the industry and work in there. I know nothing about life after graduation.


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