Diary 02

I’m kind of like writing blogs now. It’s more like a diary for me, because people barely read it. So I read some works from Shaun Tan, who is an illustrator and storyteller. His main medium is the oil painting. I checked some interviews with him, and see how he developed an idea. It’s always based on a social or anthropology issue. And then start to add metaphor element to it. It seems like a book for children, but it always has a deep meaning behind it. So make me want to think about every element I put into the character or the story if it will make sense or be logical.

It’s such fun to do these researches and figure out these things by myself. These experience make me feel like the film will be my film. After graduation, I’ll be all by myself. It’s going to be quite stressful by deciding everything without beloved teaches and genuine friends.

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