Diary 01

I’ve been writing scripts for ENO and graduation film during the summer break. However, I found it so hard to do everything by myself. Especially, when it comes to the stage of deciding concept art. There are tons of styles in the world. And it’s so hard to decide a style and also be creative. I’ve been watching many feature films, short film, and student films, trying to find a solution for myself. And this time, there’s no teacher by my side, everyone’s busy. So I have to decide everything by myself. It’s such a challenge. Meanwhile, I can also learn how to decide everything, character design, style design all by myself. Those are things I’m not good at. People say because I don’t have a strong art background. Yeah, it’s true. I don’t want to be a concept artist in the future anyway. However, for the graduation film, I have to do everything by myself.

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