Diary 04

I don’t know why I’ve been thinking and worrying a lot lately. So my work process is writing the script first and then deciding on the concept art based on the script. But meanwhile, I force myself to learn different kinds of drawing actually. It’s really stupid. Because I literally cannot draw any style, so just challenge myself to do lots of different styles. What can I do? Why I have so many troubles and issues? I don’t know what to do now. And I don’t know who can I talk to. Everyone has their life in the summertime, they’re all busy. I don’t want to bother them too much. I really admire the position of directors now. How could they figure out everything, everything by themselves? It’s insane. I’m trying to think that way when I’m working on the Guilty Pleasure, having a tone for the film. I made mistakes, but I don’t know if I can improve based on experience? No idea.

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