Idea for ENO

Elizabeth (18 years old, 5.5 feet tall) lives on the moon, she is intrigued by the life on the earth and comes down to London one day. ┬áIt’s 1888 now. The whole new world is so different from the moon, everyone is busy here, which seems very detached. Suddenly, a man, Jack, wearing a black gown and a white mask on his face comes to her, grab her hands and takes her away from the crowd. He shows her another side of London, beautiful parks and delicious food which she had never seen on the moon. She feels so comfortable and happy with him and just follows him everywhere. He gives her roses and confesses his affections. She accepted that and lives with him, she has nowhere to go anyway.

Time flies. Elizabeth has never seen Jack taking off his mask. Out of curiosity, she took off his mask when he’s asleep. The face behind it is so dreadful, half of his face is actually just skeleton. Elizabeth feels so scared and runs away. Jack awakes, he smashes out the door and chases her. Elizabeth found the way to the moon has been blocked and there’s no way she can be back to home. Her knees come down to the ground, crying and crying. Jack comes to her back with a sharp knife in his hand and took Elizabeth’s life.