Days While Making Children Society

Last Saturday, I went to Barbican to watch a ballet performance, Elizabeth. It explores Elizabeth I’s life and loves which weaves dance, music, text, and song into an opulent performance.

There is a nanny or butler stands in the stage to read the monologue and leading actors dancing follows the line. In this way, the body language is more understandable and quite inspiring for animation. For instance, people show arrogant, affection and other different emotions with dancing. One movement leaves me a deep impression which is a man walks confidently but he actually feels so humiliated.  The background is very simple, just one brown wall with wood texture. The background offers the stage an emptiness which is good for lighting. In some scenes, performers’ shadows appear on the wall.

I found watch different kinds of arts are very useful and inspiring. And the backyard of the Barbican is a really nice place to grab a beer.

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