Is Picasso a “Scumbag”?

Picasso’s exhibition “Love, Fame, tragedy” is currently displayed in the Tate Modern museum. Most paintings in the exhibition are related to his muse Marie-Therese Walter.

Picasso’s personal life is famous for having relationships with many women and treated women as sexual objectives. However, he is not the only artist treated women in this way. On April 17th,  Japanese photographer Nobuyoshi Araki’s model posted a blog named as “What It’s Really Like to be an Artist’s Muse”. In the blog, she accused many personal things happened between the artist and her.  Wait, those topics are enough for feminists to have an orgasm. But this article is going to talk about none of that.

Let’s make an assumption. If the Muse was be told the tragedy going happen to her before she met the artist, will she still fall in love or start the sort of “relationship” with him? The answer is yes. Human beings are all vain animals. What can be more attractive than being an artist or let’s say Picasso’s muse? When she met Picasso, he’s married and much more mature than her. It is easy to foresee the tragedy. But she still chose to be his muse. The situation is the same for Araki’s model.

For them, we are all outsiders. By reading articles, news, or interviews, people think they already familiar with the story or even familiar with those people. Then they start to judge the protagonists. No one knows what really happened. Only the protagonists in the story know the truth, others all live in their fake moral standard fantasy.

Araki’s model keeps blaming that Araki treated her as an object. She seems to suffer in a low self-esteem for a long time. However, after 100 years, or let’s just using Picasso as an example. When people are admiring the paintings, people see a beautiful young girl, no one regards her as a “sexual objection”. In the painting, the woman has a well-shaped body and the colors he had used seem very peaceful. Audiences can easily sense that Picasso loved her deeply, even though it might be too dramatic.

Please separate the artworks with gossips. Because life is meaningless and fake. No one knows what they want and no one can make a standard of right and wrong. Just take it easy and enjoy it.

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