Term 2 assignments self-examination 01


This term I feel much better than last one. But I need to learn to keep things simple, instead of making it complicated. I learned my lesson from the body language. I was too focus on the storytelling, made it too long and it turns out quiet rough. Every little assignment, I need to really think out the character I’m going to draw, instead of making it roughly. At the beginning, I was just thinking, it’s a practice, not a film. So that’s the reason I didn’t do the character turnaround and everything. But it’s totally wrong. Even though it’s just 10 seconds practice, it’s still nearly 120 drawings!

I’m currently working on the children society, the main character is a red hair little girl. When I was a kid, I really like little mermaid and want to dye my hair into red after I grow up. Sadly, the red hair doesn’t work on me.

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