The Grand Budapest Hotel

This is an absolutely beautiful movie. It makes you laugh all the time and cry in the very end. The male leading character who acted by Ralph Fiennes has a strong personality and attitude. The character is so vivid and believable. As the story goes, I feel that it is him leading the story instead of story leading him.

The shots in this movie is also brilliant and creative.

Those two scenes are both about escape and chasing. There is also one part in the chasing section is quite nice, which they are in the snow field and the chasing road sets up as a game pathway. In this case, the camera move can have reference from video game and add more fun elements to the film.

Meanwhile, the rhythm of the plot gives me some inspiration. Wes Anderson knows how to get the audience attention and make the audience to relax a little while and then grab their nerve.  Stories with a historical or art background always make an artificial story more convincible. This is what I have learned from the Grand Budapest hotel.