East of Eden

I’m  currently working on the body language and facial acting projects. James Dean’s movement and facial acting has a strong attitude and highly recognizable. Andy Warhol did a series of printmaking of James Dean, which I saw that in Miami. His printmaking works are all based on people who own a distinctive style. The printmaking shows a classic James Dean look – tight jeans and black jacket, which defines the word “teenager” and “rebel”.

I also went to the Opera house recently to watch the Ballet show “Giselle”. I had interest for ballet since I was a kid. When I studied ballet at that time, I quitted because I am not flexible enough. But since that, I started to love ballet performance and got intrigued by the elegant movement. Maybe it’s the same reason that some boys like to watch basketball games. In psychology, it says people will automatically put themselves into the game or shows, when they are watching it. This sort of empathy may bring their a fake feeling that they are can be as good as people in the shows. And perhaps, that’s also the reason why people still love James Dean now. Every boy wants to be him and every girl wants to date him. He’s fulfilling people’s fantasy the whole time.

Term 2 assignments self-examination 02


Maybe that’s reason why I like to draw red hair kids, to achieve my childhood dream. I’m currently working on the character design and the style design. I kept telling myself to keep things simple. And I should be more organised and patient. In this project, there are three characters, the main red hair girl, a giant monster, and another older and taller girl. The story is the little red hair one beat up the giant monster at the beginning and then scream it out. She realise she should learn to control her emotion, so just hide inside of a tree. Inside the tree, she sneak peaks that a girl’s toy left on the tree and she’s asking for help. The little girl fly to the toy and hand it to the older girl.


Here is a style testing I did. When I design the character, I took reference from Miyazaki and as for the clean up line, I took reference from the Big Bad Fox.


Mamoru Hosoda

Recently, I’ve been checking Mamoru Hosoda’s animation films. I grew up with his animation – Digimon Adventure.

His animations  empathize  with the audience in a powerful way. When I was in primary school, I watched the Digimon Adventure and I was at the same age with those leading character kids. The story was so really, even it tells a surreal world. I was sincerely believe I would be the “chosen kid” in it (maybe similar to British kids want to go to Hogwarts). However, it never came true.

The girl who leapt through time is an animation film by Hosoda which left me a deep impression.

I can see Doctor Strange may get ideas or reference from this film. Today when I was in the life drawing class, the model who was very good and professional finished a pose, but I thought she was still making a pose, and at a certain moment, I had a sudden illusion that time actually stopped for me. After that, we start to do slow motion drawings. I was so into her movement, and the more concentration I was, the more I feel of “time stopping” and became very dizzy. This doesn’t make any sense, right? But after the life drawing class, I guess the film may have a strong influence by really life, even though the story is totally fictional.