Bouncing Character

Recently, I watched some series by Frame Order. The style of this animation company is dark humor and I am inspired by this a lot.

The style of the character design is simple and clear. And all the characters in it are a little bit silly but cute and innocent. Meanwhile it has its own style in it. The characters have no necks and the background is all by watercolor which enable audience focus on the story. Since I did painting for two years, I really want to try an oil painting background in my future project.

This is a painting by Paul Signac. I want to create a background with this kinds of texture. There is a Chinese writer named Eileen Chang, here is a paragraph in her novel named Red Rose, White Rose.

“There were two women in Zhenbao’s life: one he called his white rose, the other his red rose. One was a spotless wife, the other a passionate mistress. Isn’t that just how the average man describe a chaste widow’s devotion to her husband’s memory – as spotless, and passionate too? Maybe every man has had two such women – at least two. Marry a red rose and eventually she’ll be a mosquito-blood streak smeared on the wall, while the white one is “moonlight in front of my bed.” Marry a white rose, and before long she’ll be a grain of sticky rice that’s gotten stuck to your clothes; the red one, by then, is a scarlet beauty mark just over your heart.

I found this part is quiet interesting and I am working on a script and storyboard based on this paragraph.

As for my graduation film, I plan to do a documentary based on Classic Mountains and Seas. Talk about monsters and animals in the ancient China.


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