Sun Wukong

Sun  Wukong is the most significant animation character in China. It has been 60 years since the first character appear in the scene. In 2015, the first 3D version of him appears in the Money King: Hero is Back.

There are tons of reasons that why the Money King is so popular. He is the main character in the 16th century Chinese classical novel Journey to the West and he owns many supernatural powers which caught both adults and children’s attention. For me, the figure and characteristic of Wukong is very close to a real human being. He can be strong and protective, at the same time also arrogant and bad-tempered.

The movie Money King: Hero is Back is regarded as the most successful 3D works in China currently. The whole movie is very dedicated and introducing many Chinese classic cultures, such as the shadow puppet.

Although there are plenty of arts works of the money king, such as tv animation series, short movies, puppet movies… The new 3D films create a whole new story and from a brand new point of view with the traditional sense of the character. In the old version, Wukong has a monk mentor , however the new version is a 5 years old little monk “mentor”. The huge distinct of the appearance and ages creates many fun little stories. And way of the little monk is taking care the big ones makes the connections between the two main characters more complicated and more moving. In a movie, it is always interesting that letting the little one  protects the strong one, isn’t it?

Highly recommended.

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