Diary 04

I don’t know why I’ve been thinking and worrying a lot lately. So my work process is writing the script first and then deciding on the concept art based on the script. But meanwhile, I force myself to learn different kinds of drawing actually. It’s really stupid. Because I literally cannot draw any style, so just challenge myself to do lots of different styles. What can I do? Why I have so many troubles and issues? I don’t know what to do now. And I don’t know who can I talk to. Everyone has their life in the summertime, they’re all busy. I don’t want to bother them too much. I really admire the position of directors now. How could they figure out everything, everything by themselves? It’s insane. I’m trying to think that way when I’m working on the Guilty Pleasure, having a tone for the film. I made mistakes, but I don’t know if I can improve based on experience? No idea.

Diary 03

I feel so much pressure by seeing those second years graduate. I also went to watch the last performance those theater peers did. So impressive. It will be impossible to see those talented artist have another show together again. I got sentimental for those graduates. Make me worry about myself. Every time when I see them, I start to wonder what will happen when I graduate. Time does fly. Next term starts in October, first comes ENO, then graduation film, super tight schedule.  Then what should I do after that???? I literally have no plan in my life. I’ll be 24 by then!!!!!! When I first come abroad to study, I was just 18. Jesus! Where did these six years go?

I don’t even know if I should stay abroad, like the UK or America, going back to China is also a good choice. However, by thinking of going back to China after all these years I’ve been away there, it’s also quite weird. I know nothing about the industry and work in there. I know nothing about life after graduation.


Diary 02

I’m kind of like writing blogs now. It’s more like a diary for me, because people barely read it. So I read some works from Shaun Tan, who is an illustrator and storyteller. His main medium is the oil painting. I checked some interviews with him, and see how he developed an idea. It’s always based on a social or anthropology issue. And then start to add metaphor element to it. It seems like a book for children, but it always has a deep meaning behind it. So make me want to think about every element I put into the character or the story if it will make sense or be logical.

It’s such fun to do these researches and figure out these things by myself. These experience make me feel like the film will be my film. After graduation, I’ll be all by myself. It’s going to be quite stressful by deciding everything without beloved teaches and genuine friends.

Diary 01

I’ve been writing scripts for ENO and graduation film during the summer break. However, I found it so hard to do everything by myself. Especially, when it comes to the stage of deciding concept art. There are tons of styles in the world. And it’s so hard to decide a style and also be creative. I’ve been watching many feature films, short film, and student films, trying to find a solution for myself. And this time, there’s no teacher by my side, everyone’s busy. So I have to decide everything by myself. It’s such a challenge. Meanwhile, I can also learn how to decide everything, character design, style design all by myself. Those are things I’m not good at. People say because I don’t have a strong art background. Yeah, it’s true. I don’t want to be a concept artist in the future anyway. However, for the graduation film, I have to do everything by myself.

Idea for ENO

Elizabeth (18 years old, 5.5 feet tall) lives on the moon, she is intrigued by the life on the earth and comes down to London one day.  It’s 1888 now. The whole new world is so different from the moon, everyone is busy here, which seems very detached. Suddenly, a man, Jack, wearing a black gown and a white mask on his face comes to her, grab her hands and takes her away from the crowd. He shows her another side of London, beautiful parks and delicious food which she had never seen on the moon. She feels so comfortable and happy with him and just follows him everywhere. He gives her roses and confesses his affections. She accepted that and lives with him, she has nowhere to go anyway.

Time flies. Elizabeth has never seen Jack taking off his mask. Out of curiosity, she took off his mask when he’s asleep. The face behind it is so dreadful, half of his face is actually just skeleton. Elizabeth feels so scared and runs away. Jack awakes, he smashes out the door and chases her. Elizabeth found the way to the moon has been blocked and there’s no way she can be back to home. Her knees come down to the ground, crying and crying. Jack comes to her back with a sharp knife in his hand and took Elizabeth’s life.

Days While Making Children Society

Last Saturday, I went to Barbican to watch a ballet performance, Elizabeth. It explores Elizabeth I’s life and loves which weaves dance, music, text, and song into an opulent performance.

There is a nanny or butler stands in the stage to read the monologue and leading actors dancing follows the line. In this way, the body language is more understandable and quite inspiring for animation. For instance, people show arrogant, affection and other different emotions with dancing. One movement leaves me a deep impression which is a man walks confidently but he actually feels so humiliated.  The background is very simple, just one brown wall with wood texture. The background offers the stage an emptiness which is good for lighting. In some scenes, performers’ shadows appear on the wall.

I found watch different kinds of arts are very useful and inspiring. And the backyard of the Barbican is a really nice place to grab a beer.

The Tale of the Princess Kaguya

The Tale of the Princess Kaguya is a feature film written and directed by Isao Takahata who just past away this month.

I randomly saw a documentary online. It is three hours long about how the movie is made. I watched it for five minutes and paused it.  “I need to check out this director’s works. ” I was thinking. Then I spent one afternoon to watch this movie. The beautiful line quality, the colors have been chosen, those things have been mentioned too many times. I wouldn’t discuss more at here. It is an absolutely stunning piece of work.

Princess Kaguya’s story is like a life cycle of human being. We come to the planet and leave in the end. For Princess Kaguya, she is an outsider to the earth. Takahata leads us to see the world with her point of view. Many things become not judgemental at all. What’s right and wrong? Is it really a moral standard for everything?

In the documentary, Director Takahata used seven years to finish this film. When he was at work, he was so calm and wise. Sometimes, he even made some jokes about his own age. “I may die at the premiere day due to anxiety, ” he said, which is quite sad to see him made jokes about his own death now. I start to think about what makes him so calm? There are many issues with this film, money, time, and not enough people for animation.

I’m currently working on the children society project. The schedule is a little intense, each of us has two months to finish a minute animation. In the beginning, I also feel anxiety as my classmates and I couldn’t stop thinking about the schedule and animation at night. However, one day I just said to my friend “It doesn’t matter. Whether we will finish it or not with what level of quality. Those things are all not important. ” It is meaningless to be worried, the right thing to do is find the solution. By thinking about solutions, you can find calmness and be more efficient.

That’s Mr. Takahata’s impression to me in the documentary. He seems like a total outsider.

Is Picasso a “Scumbag”?

Picasso’s exhibition “Love, Fame, tragedy” is currently displayed in the Tate Modern museum. Most paintings in the exhibition are related to his muse Marie-Therese Walter.

Picasso’s personal life is famous for having relationships with many women and treated women as sexual objectives. However, he is not the only artist treated women in this way. On April 17th,  Japanese photographer Nobuyoshi Araki’s model posted a blog named as “What It’s Really Like to be an Artist’s Muse”. In the blog, she accused many personal things happened between the artist and her.  Wait, those topics are enough for feminists to have an orgasm. But this article is going to talk about none of that.

Let’s make an assumption. If the Muse was be told the tragedy going happen to her before she met the artist, will she still fall in love or start the sort of “relationship” with him? The answer is yes. Human beings are all vain animals. What can be more attractive than being an artist or let’s say Picasso’s muse? When she met Picasso, he’s married and much more mature than her. It is easy to foresee the tragedy. But she still chose to be his muse. The situation is the same for Araki’s model.

For them, we are all outsiders. By reading articles, news, or interviews, people think they already familiar with the story or even familiar with those people. Then they start to judge the protagonists. No one knows what really happened. Only the protagonists in the story know the truth, others all live in their fake moral standard fantasy.

Araki’s model keeps blaming that Araki treated her as an object. She seems to suffer in a low self-esteem for a long time. However, after 100 years, or let’s just using Picasso as an example. When people are admiring the paintings, people see a beautiful young girl, no one regards her as a “sexual objection”. In the painting, the woman has a well-shaped body and the colors he had used seem very peaceful. Audiences can easily sense that Picasso loved her deeply, even though it might be too dramatic.

Please separate the artworks with gossips. Because life is meaningless and fake. No one knows what they want and no one can make a standard of right and wrong. Just take it easy and enjoy it.

Children Society – continued

The background of my film, I will do it in photoshop with Kyle Monet oil brush. I took reference from Monet, cause I want the scene seems like in a dream. Everything looks quiet dreamy.

Things I need to notice:

Keep it simple!

Make the line organised! really tried the lines and styles before do any animation. Be careful about the line quality!

Ask people’s opinions! I’m just a beginner in animation and I shouldn’t be too confident about myself. So keep humble and asking questions!

When I was designing the master, I use dementor as a reference. But I turned it into a cute version.

I want the little girl can be naive, brave and kind hearted. I’m taking references from Miyazaki, cause he’s so good at animate little child. In his films, there are many little brave little girls and each of them have a strong character and personality.


Term 2 assignments self-examination 01


This term I feel much better than last one. But I need to learn to keep things simple, instead of making it complicated. I learned my lesson from the body language. I was too focus on the storytelling, made it too long and it turns out quiet rough. Every little assignment, I need to really think out the character I’m going to draw, instead of making it roughly. At the beginning, I was just thinking, it’s a practice, not a film. So that’s the reason I didn’t do the character turnaround and everything. But it’s totally wrong. Even though it’s just 10 seconds practice, it’s still nearly 120 drawings!

I’m currently working on the children society, the main character is a red hair little girl. When I was a kid, I really like little mermaid and want to dye my hair into red after I grow up. Sadly, the red hair doesn’t work on me.